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About Us

Discover Church Online is a Christian social platform that connects disciples with mentors. 

Inside Discover Church Online’s social network app, you can access 3 main ministries: communities, courses and coaching. Communities are based on subscription or monthly membership. Courses and coaching are based on once-off tuition or counseling fee. 

My ministry is blessed to have friends who want “everything.” They do not want to choose, so we have created “Lifetime Member” to grant access to all communities and courses inside this app (coaching is not included).

 Discipleship Path and Bible Mastery courses are available exclusively to online church members or supporters of this ministry. To gain access, first select a monthly subscription. There are 3 tiers: member, collaborator and Inner Circle. Then all courses will be open to you to enroll.

N.B. We recommend subscribing on browser first then opening the app as IOS charges 30% extra fee.

Why You Should Join Us

We are creating an online church community so we can hang out with people who are serious about discipleship and are preparing for our Lord's Second Coming.

Discover Church Online delivers Christian content for like-minded believers, and culminating in clean social media for the Body of Christ and anyone in the world who resists the globalist agenda and anti-Christian bias. There are 3 groups I would like to help in particular:

1) strong Christians (including pastors and leaders) who sense the urgency of reaching the lost through massive collaboration. You have gifts, time, talent you want to pour into a ministry team that is having eternal impact.

2) disenchanted Christians who have left the church. God sees your tears, hears your cry, and will come back to deliver justice. Don't stay stuck and don't give up!

3) genuine believers and seekers who live in areas where you have not found a good local church, one which fearlessly teaches all of God's Word, including prophecy and the Lord's return.

You have a part to play in preparing for the Lord's coming, in our ministry, and I want to hear from you!

A Big Thanks

You’re a Legend That's Aussie for how cool you are. You will have access to more Christian video content, as well as private videos about how God is leading me. You can also send me questions or ideas for a new YouTube video. (I reserve the discretion to choose which ones I approve, but I will seriously consider your suggestion.) You have my heartfelt gratitude for partnering with this ministry in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ far and wide!

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